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I grew up as the child of expats and spent most of my childhood changing countries, schools and friends every year. Throughout my adult life I have traveled to 73 countries and am currently living my life abroad. Having lived in 9 countries on 6 continents (DRC, Rwanda, Tanzania, Saudi-Arabia, Belgium, USA, Malaysia, Bali, Ecuador), I can share my experiences and provide you with answers regarding the start of a life abroad. I can give you confidence on how to adapt, where to find new friends, how to find your balance and much more.

If you have questions about bringing children into your adventure abroad, I can help you with those concerns as well.

Find out more about me.

Price: 30$

What you get:

  • 1-hour private Skype session
  • Written outline of what was discussed during the session
  • List of useful links and addresses


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How it works- 4 Steps

1. Order a “Moving and Living Abroad” coaching session and pay $25 through PayPal.

2. Once the payment is done, you will be redirected to the thank you page containing a link to a form. Click on the link.

3. Fill in the form to tell me more about yourself and to specify your questions. The more details you share, the better I can personalise and prepare our session. The form will also allow you to specify a preferred date and time to have your session.

4. Within 24 hours, you will receive a personal e-mail confirming your booking and locking down the time and date for our session. Should you for any reason, no have received the e-mail, don’t hesitate to contact me.


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